Specific Locations and Typical Activities: Thursday

On alternating Thursdays, we safely walk from Pali Lanes to Muumuu Heaven for BISS-facilitated prevocational training in a business setting. Typical activities include (with met IEP objective examples in the brackets Greet shop staff  [greet neurotypical adults]; Participate in pre-voc activities [use requests; compare amounts; compare area; use scissors; cut out shapes; sort; match; recognize pattern; describe pattern; work for 6 minute segments; say “I’m done”], take breaks as needed; Walk to choice location to purchase snack [cross street at intersections; use money]; Good manners social language practice during eating [answer wh questions]

On “bowling” Thursdays, we walk to bowling alley [cross street at intersections]. Join the group in bowling alley [greeting peers and adults]; Go to correct desk to request correct bowling shoe [use requests].  Put on shoes and socks [dress for P.E.]. Choose ball  and place in correct lane with friends; Participate in turn taking activity, saying “your turn” to next bowler; Social language practice between turns [answer wh questions; describe setting]; Acknowledge when finished  [say “I’m done”] and “good game”; Put away ball, change shoes, return shoes to correct counter; When bus arrives, leave the group, saying good-bye to peers and adults by name.