Specific Locations and Typical Activities: Tuesdays

Given that each student’s IEP goals and objectives mandate specific programming and are supervised by BISS in consult with teacher and team, on Tuesdays, the group often safely walks to Kailua Public library, walks to choice location to purchase snack, with good manners social language practice during eating, and/or walk to various Kailua businesses (e.g., Times, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Macy’s, Longs) [cross street at intersections].  Practice shopping skills-, including use shopping list with 5-10 objects, find items in store, identify price, use calculator to total objects.  Choice breaks as required for self-regulation of emotions and behavior . Return to Kailua District Park for pick up.  Practice individual activities (flash cards, money skills, folder activities [match; sort; patterns]).  Leave the group, saying good-bye to peers and adults by name.