Specific Locations and Typical Activities: M/W/F

The W.I.N.G.S. Group meets in the Windward community with three “home-bases” in which School Bus and/or parents may use for pick up and drop off: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at Kaneohe District Park (45-660 Keaahala Rd) , Tuesday at Kailua District Park (Kainalu Rd near Fire Station), and Thursday at Kailua’s Pali Lanes. Please inquire regarding Saturday and Sunday locations and “typical” activities. On Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays we meet at in a classroom stocked with W.I.N.G.S. provided educational supplies, including academic activities, turn-taking games, books, cooking, art, and vocational activities.  The group members enjoy outside activities that W.I.N.G.S provides like Bocce and kites, as well as park related activities, such as basketball and swimming (if required/allowed per IEP). 

With support of BISS and PP services, participation is individualized according to his or her current level of performance, IEP goals and objectives, and current programming. Each student’s IEP goals and objectives mandate specific programming and are supervised by BISS in consult with teacher and team.

Typical activities often include (with met IEP objective examples in the brackets): Join the group [greeting peers and adults], social language practice [answer wh questions, eye contact]; Setting up the room and visual schedule [prep for activity; referenced source]; Arts/crafts/word-working activities [use requests; make choices between two options; compare amounts; compare area; use scissors; cut out shapes; sort; match;  recognize pattern; describe pattern; work for 6 minutes; say “I’m done”], Inside and/or outside urn-taking activities including board games, bingo, bocce, horse shoes [use requests;  match;  prep for next activity]. Task boxes [sort; match;  recognize pattern; describe pattern; place number on number line; work for 6 minutes; say “I’m done”]; Mock grocery/toy store [use money; use requests; reference source; compare amounts]. Or, if time allows, shopping at  actual grocery/toy store (with travel by public transport).  Flying kites [use requests; say “I’m done”; prep for next activity].  Choice break [explore independent leisure activities]. Preparing snack [compare amounts; compare liquid amounts; use requests].  Crossing the street in parking lot,  at controlled stoplight,  or shopping centers [cross the street at intersection]. Leave the group, saying good-bye to peers and adults by name.