BISS & W.I.N.G.S. Interventions

As BISS’s, we utilize “best practices” and appropriate components of evidenced-based interventions- behavioral, communication, social skills, and “classroom-like” setting interventions---and incorporate them in to W.I.N.G.S. We regularly utilize guided hands-on activities for optimal interest and engagement.

Evidenced-based behavioral interventions include implementation of individual Positive behavior Support Plans which typically include differential reinforcement of alternative behaviors, extinction, faded prompting, reinforcement, and shaping.  At times, individual discrete trial teaching is utilized for efficient instruction of skills. 

Evidenced-based “classroom setting” interventions include visual supports and TEACCH-like structured work systems and activity organization for prevocational activity practice.

Evidenced-based social skills interventions including peer-mediated instruction and intervention (PMII) as well as naturalistic play-based interventions, and, as needed, social stories and other social narratives. 

Evidenced based communication interventions include Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS), Functional Communication Training, naturalistic language strategies and use of speech generating devices (text-to-speech apps).