The location systematically varies across the course of a week and is a combination of community settings designed for recreation (i.e., District Park Recreation Centers) as well as the community settings at large to provide familiarity with the students’ home environment. 

Skill practice in the community recreation centers allows for greater student familiarity and understanding of the area as a life-long center for leisure later with the students’ respective families. In addition, the District Park setting allows for greater access to developmentally similar neuro-typical peers (as they watch their siblings’ football practice, for example).  The varied setting and community incorporation also increases the general community members awareness of special needs population—increasing understanding and decreasing the negative stigma often unduly associated with the developmentally disabled individuals. 

Skills practice in other Windward locations similarly facilitates familiarity of the students’ home community environment.  We utilize  Kailua & Kaneohe Library and their bookstores; fast food and ‘sit-down’ restaurants (McDonalds, Zippy’s, Big City Diner),  bowling alley, food stores (Safeway, Times, Foodland), bookstores (Barnes and Nobles, Borders), Windward Mall stores, Windward City,  Kailua post office, second hand stores (Goodwill, Salvation Army), and a multitude of other local establishments.